About Green Buildings magazine

The concept of the "Green Buildings" Magazine comes from the necessity to unite efforts of architects, developers and builders to create essentially new architecture, which would not harm the environment. Modern buildings should not spend excessive water and energy on the contrary, they could become a source of these resources.

The implementation of green construction standards happens worldwide, and Russia can't stand aside. But we are still at the very beginning, the birth of a new world, new ethical standard - slow process, but still inescapable. The magazine aims to introduce professionals in architecture, engineering and construction experience with the world of green building, new projects and developments in this area. This will help formation of ecological vision of the future at professional circles, as well as legislators and heads of executive authorities. On our joint efforts depends, in what cities will live our children and the grandsons, what air they will breathe and what kind of water will drink.

We strongly believe that our common future - it's a green architecture.  More


In the Restaurant Very Much at Home

Taberna Tosca is a petiscos restaurant (the Portuguese version of “tapas”), located in Cais do Sodré. In the past, this was a difficult area in Lisbon, a zone where the sailors use to find themselves in whisky and brothels. This situation began to change 5 years ago, and now it has become the most alive area of Lisbon at nights.   

From Private to Public

The architecture collective feld72 founded in 2002, whose agenda is poised at the interface of architecture, applied urbanism and art, was honoured with the high-end South Tyrol Architecture Award in the category of home-living for the residential building finished in 2015 in the community of Eppan in South Tyrol. Also Eppan Housing Complex won the Rassegna 2016 prize awarded by the association Architetti Arco Alpino.

Treetop Walk

The Treetop Experience is a new and unique experience destination. A 600 meter treetop walk connected to a 45 meter tall observation tower creates a unique opportunity to take a walk above the treetops and experience the stunning nature of the preserved forest from another perspective. The tower and treetop walk is as a seamless continuous ramp that makes the forest accessible to all – regardless of their physical condition. 

Exciting Journey to Pandora

Now Avatar fans can finally explore the amazing world of Pandora in person. The much-anticipated Pandora – World of Avatar opened this past weekend at Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort, and it looks spectacular. Guests can explore the alien planet’s bioluminescent rainforest, hike through floating mountains, and even take a thrilling 3D ride on the back of a wild banshee.

Rain Vortex in Forest Valley

The world’s largest indoor waterfall is currently being built in Singapore’s new Jewel Changi Airport extension. Designed by Safdie Architects, the spheroid-shaped dome will be a new luxury lifestyle destination for one of the world’s busiest airports and is a feat of engineering and sustainability. At approximately 134,000 sqm in size, the Jewel offers a range of facilities including airport services, indoor gardens, shopping and leisure attractions – including a canopy park in the upper levels of the dome. The 40m-tall waterfall is designed by water design firm WET, whose commissions include the Bellagio fountains and Burj Khalifa. Dubbed the Rain Vortex, the ambitious cascade will be the centerpiece for the project’s “Forest Valley” urban garden.

Airport in Chinese Tradition

Zaha Hadid Architects’ аnd ADP Ingeniérie new passenger terminal for Beijing Airport (currently known as Beijing Daxing International Airport) is poised to become the largest aviation hub in the world. The new airport has been designated as the hub for members of the SkyTeam alliance, a global group of airlines that includes China Eastern Airlines Corp. and China Southern Airlines Co. The two Chinese carriers will each be allowed to capture 40 percent of the airport’s passengers, gaining coveted time slots to Europe and the U.S. 

Underground Tunnel for ... Ships

Norwegian Coastal administration will build the world’s first ship tunnel. It is now formally stated that Stad Ship Tunnel is part of the Norwegian National Transport Plan (NTP) in the period of 2018 to 2029. This paves the way for the Norwegian Coastal Administration efforts to build the world’s first full-scale ship tunnel. The design concept of the tunnel has developed by Norwegian architectural Studio Snøhetta. Working with Olav Olsen of Norwegian consulting firm Norconsult, Snøhetta has designed the two entrances to the tunnel using the material palette of the peninsula, with both wire-cut and blasted stone walls making up the opening arches. On the Moldefjorden side, the design would utilize the steep landscape to create a dramatic entrance. A more sensitive, terraced opening would pop out at Kjødepollen, where a small village is located.

Kingdom of Feathered Tribe

Each year more than 50 million birds make the return journey from the Antarctic reaches to the northern tip of the earth along the East Asian-Australian Flyway (EAAF) seeking food and shelter. 1 of 8 global north-south fly ways, the East Asian-Australian corridor is now the world’s most threatened due to loss of bird foraging habitat by coastal urbanization. 1 in 5 globally threatened waterbirds including the Black-Tailed Godwit fly the EAAF but they are suffering rapid declines in population.