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They are known for their expertise in housing construction, office buildings and open space design – AllesWirdGut, the architecture firm based in Vienna and Munich. In keeping with the travel season, we present today a project of completely different scale: NILS – the Motorhome by AllesWirdGut. 

Comfort of travel and living on just a few square meters requires designers to bring to bear intricate knowledge of space, technique, color, and material. Each individual element must be meaningful, optimized, and robust. Sensual, homey feeling and atmosphere usually fall short in the run-of-the-mill motorhome. This was reason enough for the private client to commission AllesWirdGut with the special task of doing the interior design of a custom-made motorhome built on a MAN Truck TGM 13290 4×4 chassis.

Using intelligent storage, transformable modular furniture, perfect kitchen and bathroom fittings, as well as a playful and unexpected employment of colors and materials, which accentuate different areas and generate ambience, AllesWirdGut have actually managed to square the circle. In this house there is everything for a comfortable stay, even room for a motorbike, which makes the travelers even more mobile.