About Green Buildings magazine

The concept of the "Green Buildings" Magazine comes from the necessity to unite efforts of architects, developers and builders to create essentially new architecture, which would not harm the environment. Modern buildings should not spend excessive water and energy on the contrary, they could become a source of these resources.

The implementation of green construction standards happens worldwide, and Russia can't stand aside. But we are still at the very beginning, the birth of a new world, new ethical standard - slow process, but still inescapable. The magazine aims to introduce professionals in architecture, engineering and construction experience with the world of green building, new projects and developments in this area. This will help formation of ecological vision of the future at professional circles, as well as legislators and heads of executive authorities. On our joint efforts depends, in what cities will live our children and the grandsons, what air they will breathe and what kind of water will drink.

We strongly believe that our common future - it's a green architecture.  More


Notre-Dame-de-Paris – a Part of The French Fate

On the evening of April 15th, 2019, the world held its breath as the Notre-Dame Cathedral was engulfed in flames. A few hours later the centuries-old cathedral had lost its entire roof, spire, and was severely damaged. 

Super Park for Dubai

Toronto & Dubai based Machou Architects Group has designed the world’s longest urban agriculture park for Dubai. Designed to transform the city’s most vital highway into an eco-valley, the project has been developed in response to the lack of functional public spaces and sustainable outdoor spaces. Reimagining Sheikh Zayed Road, the project centers on Dubai’s main transportation artery and its primary link to other cities.

Wild Mile Chicago

SOM has revealed their design for the world’s first floating eco-park along the Chicago River. Called Wild Mile Chicago, the project is sited between Chicago and North avenues along the east side of Goose Island. A group of ecologists and activists called Urban Rivers is working with the city to realize the plan. 

The Sainsbury Wing – a Sample of Architectural Excellence

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is honoring the Sainsbury Wing at the National Gallery in London—designed by Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates (VSBA)—with its Twenty-five Year Award. This award is conferred on a building that has set a precedent for the last 25–35 years and continues to set standards of excellence for its architectural design and significance. 

Concert Hall as a New Public Plaza

Zaha Hadid Architects have been selected by the jury of the international design competition to build the new Sverdlovsk Philharmonic Concert Hall in Yekaterinburg, Russia. 

RED7 – Exclusive living on the Garden Ring

Fedor Bron, Associate Director of MVRDV, presented the first MVRDV’s Russian Project – RED7, during the 24th International Exhibition of Architecture and Design. RED7 is a new addition to the centre of the city that will contribute to the grand character of Moscow’s central ring.

The Time of Jeanne Gang

TIME Magazine has named Jeanne Gang to the 2019 TIME 100. The Founding Principal of architecture and urban design practice Studio Gang, she is only architect included on this year’s list, which recognizes the activism, innovation, and achievement of the world’s most influential individuals. TIME editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal has said of the list in the past, “TIME’s annual list of the world’s most influential people is a designation of individuals whose time, in our estimation, is now.”

“Domino Effect” Charges with Positive

Light and musical installation “domino effect” brightening up Place des Festivals this winter in Montreal. As part of the novel winter experience provided by Luminothérapie, domino effect consists of 120 dominos distributed across several stations. Size of one domino: 390 × 775 × 80 mm, weight – 7 lbs, material – plastic. Dominos are designed to be as light as possible while remaining durable to allow for optimal handling