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Exciting Journey to Pandora

>Exciting Journey to Pandora

Now Avatar fans can finally explore the amazing world of Pandora in person. The much-anticipated Pandora – World of Avatar opened this past weekend at Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort, and it looks spectacular. Guests can explore the alien planet’s bioluminescent rainforest, hike through floating mountains, and even take a thrilling 3D ride on the back of a wild banshee.

The 12-acre park has been under construction for six years, and it looks like it was well worth the wait. The park is set in an area of Pandora that was not seen in the film called the Valley of Mo’ar. The alien planet was designed by director James Cameron, whose ultra-creative attention to detail has resulted, once again, in a jaw-dropping immersive 3D experience.

Visitors to the valley will be able to explore the mystical jungle landscape with flowing streams, dark caves full of bioluminescent life and a “floating” mountain range called the Hallelujah Mountains. A boat ride down the dark Na’vi River will lead through pulsating, glowing vegetation to an encounter with a Na’vi shaman.

For those looking for a more thrilling experience, visitors can also participate in the “Avatar Flight of Passage” 3D adventure. Guests are matched with an on screen avatar and take their place on a motorcycle-like flight simulator. Once in place, guests will “soar” across the valley on the back of a banshee, plunging straight down into the lush vegetation only to swoop up through the massive trees, continuing around the mountains as herds of wild beasts run underneath you.