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Hotel on a Magic Carpet

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The project “Living the Till”, designed by Environmental consulting firm EoA Inc, was honored as this year’s Radical Innovation Award Grand Prize winner. Founder of Radical Innovation John Hardy commended the project as “the perfect antidote to city dwelling.” A unique treetop hotel resort concept, Living the Till, involves a temporary nomadic structure, which allows for seasonal inhabitation in remote areas. Hovering 30 feet above the forest floor, the structure features a mesh platform supported by a series of cables installed by a team of climbers. Living the Till comprises a series of conical tents suspended on ropes tied to nearby trees. Bridges between the trees provide access between campsites. Due to the abode’s verticality, there is minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Entirely suspended in nature, not only are the views spectacular, but this concept encourages a sustainable lifestyle as well with natural ventilation, composting methods and access to natural resources.

Reconnection with nature doesn’t always mean roughing it on a campsite. Environmental consulting firm EoA Inc created Living the Till, a unique treetop hotel resort concept that rescues guests from the stresses of everyday life by elevating them into the tree canopy. Conceived as a nomadic resort, the Till can be easily assembled in a variety of environments and then disassembled and moved without impacting the environment.

Described by the team as a camping on a “hovering, transparent magic carpet,” that allows for seasonal inhabitation in remote areas, such as the stunning and perfectly preserved forests of Ecuador, Malaysia, Borneo, the Amazon, California, Australia, or Japan,” wrote the designers. “The concept was inspired by the air plant Tillandsia, which lives in harmony with a host tree. Conceived as a temporary nomadic structure, the Till can be assembled and taken down in pristine, coveted areas by a small team of climbers with simple tools without impacting the environment during the process or duration of a guest’s stay.”