Main News "Mach 1" – Unusual Architecture

"Mach 1" – Unusual Architecture

>"Mach 1" – Unusual Architecture

UK-artist and self-proclaimed “accidental architect” David Mach has just unveiled an amazing design for his first ever building. Slated for a new development just west of Edinburgh, Mach 1 is a massive, sculptural building built out of over 30 shipping containers. 

The building is a collaboration between the developers of Edinburgh Park, Parabola and Stirling Prize-nominated architects, Dixon Jones, who created the project’s master plan. The complex, which is just in the planning stages, is slated for a large 43-acre lot just west of the Scottish capital. The development plan envisions a vibrant community made up of office space, a new public square, sports and leisure facilities, a health center, along with various retail shops and restaurants.

During the planning stages, the decision was made to commission a landmark for the new development, something that would be eye-catching, but also multi-functional. Enter, UK artist, David Mach, who is known for creating immense, dynamic art installations using a wide range of materials. Mach’s vision for the project is what has been named “Mach 1”. The formidable concepts envisions a large building made out of more than 30 shipping containers stacked at various angles. Slated to hold court in the middle of the development, “Mach 1” will stand out not only for its large stature, but also its use of repurposed materials.

The artist explains that the building is an homage to the way that urban developments can put sustainability at the forefront of new projects, “What we are planning to build, is a substantial building, made from around 30 sea containers. There is quite a dramatic shape to the building, not a regular piece of architecture. It will be something that you really notice. It is a building that really makes a statement about itself.”

The shipping container building will house the development’s marketing offices to start, including a display area that will feature a full site model and information about the construction of Edinburgh Park. “Mach 1” will also include a large gallery space for exhibitions and a cafe. The interior will be outfitted with various flexible elements in order to be able to host small and large events throughout the year.