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Pedestrians as sources of energy

>Pedestrians as sources of energy

When most people think “clean energy,” solar panels and wind turbines typically come to mind. But what if the simple act of walking could create emissions-free electricity? Las Vegas is proving that kinetic energy is a real world solution to harmful carbon pollution that is causing global warming - by installing the world’s first smart streetlights powered by pedestrian footsteps. NYC-based EnGoPLANET partnered with the city to install lamps powered by solar panels and kinetic energy pads at Boulder Plaza in the Arts District.

The street lights are powered by pedestrian footsteps; energy is harvested every time someone steps on the kinetic pads strategically placed in front of each street light. There are also solar cells placed on top of each LED street light, along with motion sensors that allow for light on demand.

Smart sensors that monitor air quality and traffic as well as video surveillance and water detection will also be deployed. The LED lights can change colors for special occasions and there is a wireless charging and WiFi hot spot for smart devices, along with two USB ports.

EnGoPLANET estimates that the world spends more than $40 billion per year in energy costs for the more than 300 million traditional streetlights that result in more than 100 million tons of carbon pollution annually. So solar-kinetic streetlights are a massive opportunity to help governments meet their climate targets as more cities announce plans to achieve net zero emissions and go 100 percent renewable energy.

The company also wants to bring emissions-free solar-kinetic streetlights to the 1.4 billion people that do not have access to street lighting. They started a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo to raise money for a project to install solar-kinetic streetlights in 10 villages in Africa.