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The “Piazza del Vento” (The Piazza of Wind) is a new ephemeral and sensorial installation that takes form on the waterfront of Genoa, Italy by establishing a new relationship between the sea and the city. The project derives inspiration from Renzo Piano, as a contribution to the International Boat Show and to the city of Genoa. Author of the project is the architectural firm OBR run by Paolo Brescia and Tommaso Principi, who conceived it for the 57th edition of the International Boat Show of Genoa. This work of architecture is a “field” of 57 masts in red cedar wood and white steel, 12 meters tall and bound together with textile shrouds with dacron jibs inferred on. A windex is placed atop each mast, sewn with the colorful fabric of spinnakers, highlighting the direction and the intensity of the wind. Double seat swings are placed among the masts, where couple can sit or play in the shade of the sails while looking out to sea.

In cooperation with musician Roberto Pugliese, architects Margherita Del Grosso and Matteo Orlandi have created a “sound field” which is activated by the action of the wind: a system of brass rods of differing lengths, arranged according to a precise spatial scheme among the masts, reflects the sounds of the mare nostrum with chords from a Mediterranean musical scale “played” by the wind. The Piazza del Vento also involved the poet and street artist ivan (Ivan Tresoldi), who has executed the performance “A.mare” with the visitors of the event creating the anamorphosis: “Chi getta semi al vento farà fiorire il cielo” (“Who throws seeds in the wind will make the sky flourish”).