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Sailing Along the Miass River

>Sailing Along the Miass River

PIARENA has won the Archchel-2020 competition to create a Congress Hall for BRICS and SCO events in central Chelyabinsk, Russia along the Miass River. Separated into two parts by the river, the site will additionally host business meetings, public events, and exhibitions.

In order to emphasize the curve of the river, the new congress hall building will be a solid volume spanning across the river, rectangular in footprint, but curved in a sail shape above.

Rising up to 61 and 150 meters, the building is hoped to become a new urban landmark, as well as a pedestrian crossing over the river

A common atrium will connect various portions of the building, including a 3150-person concert hall, hotel, office complex, exhibition hall, and media center.

Each functional zone of the building features its own entrance area and vertical transport, “in order to improve flux distribution, loading, and emergency evacuation.

Outside the building, a parametric grid pattern of parallelograms will govern the placement of green areas, water surfaces, plantings, cladding, and street furniture.