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The swimming pool hall is designed in a spirit of fluidity and openness with natural light coming both from the facade and the «glass carpets » on the roof. The interior and planted solarium is covered with a mobile glass roof which provides natural ventilation during summer time. The «glass carpets» on the roof provide natural day light and open views onto the sky. Double high circulation from the changing room to the swimming pool. Cafeteria space with views on the swimming pool. Sauna and Hammam of wellness center.

The top of the building is used as an exterior solarium covered by wood carpet and with glass carpets that connect with the swimming pool below. The design scheme emphasizes the roof as a determinant element of the building with an elliptical “beach” border of wood laths which is accessible via a ramp that runs along the swimming pools hall. An indoor-outdoor ramp runs along the swimming pools hall and provides access to the solarium on the fifth facade.

The external walls are faced with undulating golden wooden slats that recall the circular movements on the surface of water and make reference to the circulation of energy and flows -Feng Shui. The various elements of the programme are organized in the form of light, coloured, rounded bubbles, floating on the project’s spatial contiuum and enable open and accessible facades.