Main Creative technologies Carrier: How to Reduce Energy Consumption in Hotels

Carrier: How to Reduce Energy Consumption in Hotels

Carrier: How to Reduce Energy Consumption in Hotels

In the previous issue of Green Building magazine we started a story of the program launched by Carrier – “Energy efficiency in hotels”, aimed to improve energy efficiency Refrigerant centers and reduction of energy costs, taking into account the actual load, climatic and operating conditions of exploitation of hotel buildings. In this article we will focus on the complex of measures to achieve the efficient operation of cooling center in accordance with the actual load on the cooling system of the hotel.

Hotel Cooling Load Profile

HVAC systems typically are designed and sized for the hottest days of the year. On these days, the equipment in the chiller plant room are running at full capacity and at maximum efficiency.

For a building to be at “full-load”
• Design day weather
• Fully occupied
• Full solar load
• Full equipment and lighting load
• Full ventilation rates

Other than the solar load another major contributing factor is human occupancy. It is important to evaluate the HVAC system and map out the actual operating load profile. A chiller plant audit exercise could be conducted to trend log the load and energy profile. In many occasions after the chiller plant audit exercise, the actual load profile is lower than the design load profile. With the actual load profile, Carrier will be able to help you achieve an efficient chiller plant system that will match your cooling load profile. This is done through our “Energy Savings in Hotels” program.

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Text: Mikhail Terekhov, Senior Technical Expert, PHD In Technical Sciences, Ashrae Member