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Krasnogorsk – Arts Capital of Moscow Region

Krasnogorsk – Arts Capital of Moscow Region

“Pedestrian areas”, “public spaces” – until recently in our country these terms were only known to a narrow circle of specialists in the city design. But today they have become a part of our lives through a large-scale city comfort enhancement program, which is implemented in Moscow. The innovative concepts are also quickly perceived in suburban districts, in Krasnogorsk, in particular, is planned to create the first pedestrian area in the Moscow region. The conceptual architectural proposal is designed by KROST.

In recent years Krasnogorsk has been rapidly developed due to its location in close proximity to the capital on the bank of the Moscow River. Residential development is pretty actively constructed in the town; and the Concern KROST is highly involved in it. The Public Arts Towers residential complex has no rivals in the Moscow-area real estate market. And it is not only due to this project combines architecture, arts and use of advanced technologies, but also due to the unique landscape and park areas created around the houses.

These park areas are going to have their own themes. Creating a comfortable environment on the local area of residential complexes has long been a signature style of KROST. Every project is implemented with maximum attention to urban land improvement and landscaping. The company works with renowned architects and landscape designers, whose ideas are not just taken note of but turned into reality.

The Concern has been successfully cooperating with Danish urban architect Jan Gehl who is a world-class expert in creation of comfortable city environment. Concern KROST supported by the Moscow City Government translated into Russian and published his book, which gained popularity in many countries around the world. Guided by Jan Gehl’s ideas the architectural and designing division of the Concern has developed the concept of Krasnogorsk pedestrian area. The purpose of this area is to create a public space where people could walk, relax, socialize in cafes, watch performances of dance or theater companies, and eventually get charged with creative energy.

Krasnogorsk population is growing rapidly; people from neighboring villages come here to buy goods in the shopping malls located in the town. Why not make their life more meaningful when offering them a walk along a promenade that provides a lot of interesting pastime? And as the architects believe, the town has all the opportunities to realize this concept. Central Street which is part of Volokolamskoye Highway passes through the whole town and has the most visited places located along.

These are the municipal cultural and recreational park, the ancient Znamenskoye Gubaylovo manor, Gosfilmofond, a cultural club, a military and memorial complex that is dedicated to the memory of the war dead, as well as several shopping centers. In the future, are encouraged to create a pedestrian and cycling area, which will start at the Pavshino station, pass by city administration building, further on along the main street up to the point where the highway makes a sharp left turn. Currently, is developed the concept of its first segment length of 700 m, which will be stretched between the place of three large shopping malls and the Military Memorial complex.

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