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Metro as a Factor of Urban Revival

>Metro as a Factor of Urban Revival

Enric Miralles Benedetta Tagliabue (EMBT) and Bordas+Peiro Anna Maria Bordas, Architecte et Ingénieur / Miquel Peiro have been announced as winner to design the future Clichy – Montfermeil metro station in Paris. The competition, organized by the Société du Grand París, is part of the ambitious Grand Paris Express project which seeks to modernize the existing transport network and create an automatic metro that will connect new neighborhoods to the city.

By 2030, the Grand Paris Express project is expected to serve two million passengers daily, adding 205 new miles of track and 72 new stations. In addition to design the station, EMBT’s proposal will provide a new public square for the renewed neighborhood of Clichy-sousbois that will serve as a symbol of change following the violent riots of 2005. We want to transform this grey and abandoned area into a vivid and colorful plaza that will inspire joy and optimism.

“The idea was to give a new identity to this place, with a glance to the origins of many of his inhabitants. We would like to transform this grey and abandoned place into a vivid and colorful square, which inspires joy and optimism. This is why we based the motives of the pavement, the shapes and the colors of the roof on the tissues, decorative motives and colors from Africa.” Once entering the Metro Station, circulation is established within a single space illuminated by natural light. The character of this space is given by the panels that cover the organic shape of the void.