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New Symbol of Mexico

>New Symbol of Mexico

It has been announced that collaboration between Foster + Partners, FR-EE (Fernando Romero Enterprise) and NACO (Netherlands Airport Consultants) has won a competition to design one of the largest airports on the planet. The new international airport will be located in Mexico City and will total 555,000 sq m to a design inspired by Mexican architecture. A new Mexico City international airport was announced by Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto in his State of the Union address on September 2, 2014, who said that it would be emblemático, or a national symbol.

The entrance to the terminal will feature a garden of cacti and symbols of the eagle and snake, part of the national symbol pictured on the country’s Coat of Arms and flag. The X is symbolic of the country’s name, “México”. An X shape is also considered efficient to extend the number of gates.

The new airport will have three runways to start and will be expandable to up to six runways: two that are each 4.5 km long and four that are each 4 km long. With three runways in simultaneous use the airport will be able to serve up to 50,000,000 passengers per year.

The winning concept centres on a grand terminal building with a lightweight gridshell in ‘a celebration of space and light’. This approach enables immense spans in excess of 100m – the largest being 170m – with a vaulted roof structure that provides a lasting impression for passengers.

Lord Norman Foster, Chairman and Founder of Foster + Partners, explains: “[The design] pioneers a new concept for a large-span, single airport enclosure, which will achieve new levels of efficiency and flexibility – and it will be beautiful. The experience for passengers will be unique.”

Sustainability is also a leading factor in the design, with the winning concept aiming for LEED Platinum certification. This roof structure collects rainwater, offers shading, and harnesses the power of the sun.