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Courchevel, located in the middle of the French Alps, combines several municipalities and spans multiple plateaus of varying altitudes. The new aquatic centre is placed between Courchevel 1650 and Courchevel 1850. This platform, flanked by two mountains, faces a valley on one side and an exceptional alpine panorama on the other. In this unique geographical setting, the aquatic centre contains extensive facilities. From the beginning, the architectural choices were focused on perfecting the integration into the surroundings.

The roof of the project is guided by the topography and rises in order to accommodate the room schedule in a semi-underground manner. Our choice to separate the two main areas, amusement and relaxation, over two floors, strengthens the idea of the transparency and fluidity. The building becomes a sculpture of spaces and light. The elevation of the roof allows the building to open up and communicate with the environment, while flooding the halls with natural light with its glazed façades.

Natural openings in this malleable volume, green in Summer and snowed in during Winter, welcome the bathers with a view of the small stream of the river Gravelles. Additional openings in the roof, of wood and glass, face the south to further brighten the interior with natural light. The movement of these in the building highlight the sensation of fluidity between the spaces.

The landscape and the building mesh into one. The façade toward the road is livened by the climbing wall on offer inside the building. Below, the lobby opens toward the swimming pools, welcoming the guests. This universe contains a waterslide of over 30m, a looping wildwater slide of over 100m, a jumping basin, a lagoon, a swimming pool and an exterior pool. Each location features a unique and specific design.