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Improving the Connectivity

>Improving the Connectivity

Nha Trang is a famous city by the sea, a beautiful destination for tourists from all over the world. The eland 4 seasons, a bar and restaurant on the beach built in the last decade, is a popular tourist spot with a perfect location. However it has a pressing issue in the urban environment of the city, it breaks the continuity of the seaside public park.

After several reports published on the news about this issue, a decision was made by the city governor to request the owner of the building to make modifications to the buildings to improve the connectivity across the seaside park and the white sandy beach. The brief of this additions and alterations project mainly involve changes to the superstructure to increase the visual porosity of the building and to integrate it with the seaside park as a contiguous space.

Based on the principals of sustain able development, our proposal reconnects the seaside park using a new green roof planted with native plants and trees, and recreates viewpoints in the park and the beach with an elevated walkway across the new tree canopy. Ground level porosity is achieved through the reconfiguration of spaces within the bar and restaurant to visually connect the city with the beach, while revitalising the relationship between the restaurant seating areas and the sea.